Paint the (Cow)town

Because Dallas is where I live, my clients tend to be on the Dallas side of the DFW area. The Redding crew hails from Fort Worth, so their annual session typically takes me west. This year we opted to use the newly updated Sundance Square, exploring in and around downtown as we went. I loved the change of pace. We had plenty of friendly banter illustrative of love and fondness and kids-who-are-mostly-friends whose parents still flirt with each other. I love this collection. We worried that we'd get rained out that day, and I'm so glad we weren't, because this session makes me smile. I'm grateful that I've gotten to know this family through the years, because they are engaging and warm. It's always a blast to work with them.


Meghan and Jay

These days my wedding work is being shared and blogged on the Honey and Salt site, but when my sister got engaged, of course I had to take some photos. It's Meghan's birthday today, so I wanted to share these as an excuse to say how blessed I am to have a sister who doubles as one of my best friends. Meghan is generous and kind, more of a baby whisperer than I (if you can believe such a thing is possible), a lover of people, a great hostess and one of the most articulate people I know. Jay is truly her compliment, and I've loved becoming his friend through the course of their relationship. It's been so incredible to be a part of their story. I'm guessing 29 (and holding) is going to be Meghan's best year yet. I can't wait for their wedding and all that is to come. The future is looking very bright for these two.

Happy birthday, Meghan! I love you to the sky and back.


Boys Club

On the rainiest Thursday, the proudest big brother of them all introduced me to his twin baby brothers with eager hands wanting to help. The twins, two-months-old at our shoot, kicked their feet and stared at my lens. They were not a hundred percent sure they thought photos were a great idea, but I am a hundred percent sure I love this session. Such love and sweetness to behold in this busy family-turned-boys club.


All the People Who Love Them

Four years ago tomorrow, I spent the day photographing Bela and Sean's wedding. Four weeks ago I spent the weekend photographing their twin girls with so many loved ones who have surrounded them to celebrate the joy of these two babies. I love that Bela prioritized getting photos of her girls with their grandparents, great grandparents and godparents. We did part of the session in Hartford, where the family lives, and the other part of the session in Ludlow, MA, where Bela grew up. Emma and Olivia are happy girls, and they are so loved. It was beautiful to see what makes each baby smile and how those smiles in turn light up the faces of every adult in their lives. They are treasured by all, and rightly so. I'm so excited to watch these two grow up! I love the continuity piece of telling the ongoing story of a family, so it seems fitting to post this blog on the eve of Bela and Sean's anniversary. I couldn't be happier for this family and am so grateful that they are clients-turned-friends.


Beautiful Bellingham and My Bestie's Crew

The Pacific Northwest is my favorite part of the US, and some of my favorite people happen to live there. It had been a couple of years since I visited, so once the trip was scheduled, one of the first things to be planned was photographs of my best friend's family. We took a few photos of our various adventures, and I blogged a few photos of the trip as a whole. I'm excited to finally be sharing a few more photos of the littles and of Carla's session. Carla is one of those rare friends who came into life unexpectedly and promptly became one of my people. We have never lived in the same place, but we've had international adventures as well as cross country visits. I love that her kids call me auntie and that her husband doesn't mind if I sleep on the couch for days at a time. We've weathered hard things and witnessed beautiful things. I can't imagine my life without my bestie and her people. They're pretty spectacular, and I hope that shows in these photographs.


All Boy Boys!

Prior to our session, Francie posted on her Facebook page that on a recent morning they found their boys, 5 and 7, perched on the front porch of the house for sale across the street from their house, bags packed and ready to move in. Their concern was not that they hadn't told their parents where they were going. Rather, they were concerned they didn't have any dollars in their wallet with which to buy the house. Independent much? I knew then that I'd like little adventurers who want to go, go, go. And go, go, go they did. We explored the park in fast motion, with photo bombs any time I tried to get a photograph of either boy solo. And they laughed and wrestled, hugged and threw *friendly* punches and reminded me of what it was like to grow up in a house with all boy boys. I think we captured just what family looks like for a family with boys, 5 and 7. And it looks like the loud kind of love that makes me smile.


Sweet T

Don't you just want to kiss this sweet baby's cheeks? And her eyes? So beautiful! Teagan's parents opted to have her session on the grounds of their church. They met and married there. They'd never had photos done, so we took our time, chatting and passing the baby around. Tegan is as loved as a baby girl can be, and her calm, laid back little self took to photos wonderfully. I'm excited to share this set, the first of my North Carolina sessions from the end of May.


Bandit Steals the Show

A Saturday night spent celebrating this couple and their sweet dog. Bandit was the most enthusiastic and well-behaved canine subject I've ever had at a photo shoot. I loved the casual interactions and abundant laughter shared as we captured photographs. It's clear that Terry and Patti belong together. I'm glad I got to see who they are through my camera lens. Love photographs beautifully.


April Bumps Bring May...

...babies? Isn't that how the saying goes? No? In all seriousness, few things bring me greater joy than getting to follow a family from pregnancy to new addition to babyhood and as childhood takes off. I did a bump session before this little Lauren's arrival. Now Lauren is about to become a big sister, and she has lots of personality and a vibrancy about her that is sure to equip her for the task. She turned two this week, and in a few short weeks, her little brother will arrive. I love how expressive she was in this session. It didn't take long for her to warm up to Miss Erin, and then it was a full throttle, good-stuff-of-life running, laughing, dancing, hugging, playing and go, go, going session. All that, and we managed a few great bump shots of her mama too. Cannot wait to meet the new addition in a few weeks.


Five Years and One Bump

These two booked their maternity session on their fifth wedding anniversary, making these photographs doubly meaningful. We talked about how they met (college) and their adventures in New York, with their faithful furry companion. They're now in Dallas preparing for their biggest adventure yet, parenting a soon-to-arrive baby boy. I see so much life and love in these photos and am so excited to continue to document the story of this couple as they start their family. Their little man arrives late May. I can't wait.


Introducing Cole

When we did maternity photos before Cole was born, his family didn't know he was a boy. Cole arrived and surprised them; they'd suspected he was a girl. Cole, though, is a perfect fit in his family. A second little boy is exactly who they needed. This was a sweet newborn session, one that was straightforward and simple. The baby ate and slept. His brother napped until the end. Everyone was relaxed and happy to be doting on this tiny man who'd joined their family the week before. My favorite moment of the session occurred when we put the two boys on the couch together. Tell your brother a secret, I urged Beckett, who was lying on his stomach looking at the baby. "I love you," he whispered, kissing him on the forehead. His parents just beamed as their older son expressed his heart to the younger. When I started editing this set of images, those photos stood out. I like to think years from now that story will be told and retold whenever Cole's newborn photos are revisited. It's the good stuff of real life, and it's a huge piece of why I view my job as a privilege. So grateful to have spent a few hours celebrating baby Cole. I'm excited to share a few of his photographs here.


Before This Baby Girl Arrives...

In just a few weeks, these two will welcome their little girl into the world. We did their maternity photos at River Legacy Park in Arlington, and it was a perfect day for being outdoors in the morning. I loved how casual our conversation was and how easily these two interact with one another. It's clear that they're crazy about each other and ready to begin the adventure of parenting. I cannot wait to do their newborn photos but in the meantime, here's a sneak peek of maternity photos. I'm excited to finish the full set!


Not Magic But Magical

I envisioned several of these images in my head when I planned this session and hoped for the kind of magic light that makes a session that much better. And then this family showed up and let their little man run and shout and have opinions. Promises of ice cream led to a boy who looked me in the eye and gave me his best, and all the while his mom and dad (and soon-to-arrive-sibling) just kept smiling and laughing. Confession: there was also occasional reminding for a certain little boy that it would be helpful if he kept participating and stayed engaged. We got to the end of the session, and I knew. I knew we'd had a few moments that were genuine and real and lovely and that showed this family of soon-to-be-four as they are. And who they are looked great with the magic light, but it's not just the magic light that I love . It feels magical. All that love that lights up the eyes on one small boy's face? Soon it will be multiplied. I can hardly wait to photograph the continuing story. Love these photographs.


One Big Happy...

When Bethany contacted me about photographing her husband's extended family over the holidays, I was one part excited and one part apprehensive. This is a family I've known for over twenty years, on the one hand. On the other hand, seven kids, eight and under? Therein lies the apprehension. I need not have been nervous. Every child not only participated but cooperated. We had a beautiful day and a big yard and the exuberance of all the cousins together to compose elements of the session. I love how laid back everyone was, how big the little ones smiled and how I can look at these photographs and see both family resemblance and individuality. I hope I captured not just an updated "everybody all together" photograph but also a bit of the kindness, respect and love that are evident in the combination of relationships that create this family.


Coming in February: Niece 2.0

Maternity photo sessions always put a smile on my face, especially when I have a newborn session booked to follow when the baby arrives. When my brother and sister-in-law decided to come home for Christmas, in addition to being excited about their visit, we realized the timing would line up perfectly for maternity photos. This particular session brings me such joy. At most maternity sessions I walk away amazed at the depth of love and scope of anticipation that exudes from the parents. At this particular maternity session, I got to share those emotions as I thought about my hopes for my soon-to-arrive niece. I know she is already wanted and loved, and I hope she understands from the get-go that she is a treasure and a gift. We are all so excited to meet her!


Amanda and Shane... Married!

From the first time I sat down with Amanda at a planning session at Starbucks, I knew she and Shane were going to be incredible to work with. Amanda told their story with light in her eyes, "we met in a bar..." she laughed. This wedding, with its beautiful details and stunning light, stands out to me not because so much of the look of things was ideal (it was). What stands out is how incredible Amanda and Shane are together and how deeply their friends and family love them. I know weddings are supposed to be celebrations, and this one certainly was, from beginning to end. Getting ready was rooms full of enthusiastic bridesmaids and groomsmen. The first look was tender and gorgeous. Even the more formal photos passed with laughter and genuine smiles. The ceremony felt meaningful and real. The reception had all the makings of a great party: a fantastic venue, Artspace 111, good food, fun decor, dancing, drinks and people committed to having a good time. No one wanted to leave at the end of the night. Signing a contract means I commit to being a vendor, but I love that the nature of photography means the process of doing engagement photos and planning a wedding leading up to the day creates context for how I show up. Amanda and Shane became my friends, and I was entrusted with capturing visual memories of the day they committed their lives to each other. I am so excited for these two and am honored to share this blog.


A Winter Morning

It's not often that a Dallas session means bundling up for cold weather. That said, last weekend was a total freezing rain out, and when this crew rescheduled, it meant a cold morning-before-Thanksgiving session around the Bishop Arts District. Camille was such a trooper, wrapping her hands in her scarf between takes. Camille is such a young lady, full of poise and grace. She has a big laugh and beautiful smile.I love the simple interaction and felt love in these photographs. The weather may have been cold, but I have no doubt that hearts were warm.



I started doing Scarlett's photos when she turned one, and her aunt booked a session for her girls a year or so after that. We've done photos of the girls together occasionally through the years. That said, I loved the idea of doing both families in one session when it was mentioned in an email. The girls are great ages to photograph, and they get along so beautifully. Scarlett wanted to photo bomb any photographs that weren't hers, and that is so typical for a five-year-old girl. The twins are one part poised and another part silly. I love that both dads were skipping at one point and that both moms were really intent on getting sweet photographs with their girls. Isn't this a beautiful crew? It was so fun to capture these photographs, just a Sunday afternoon on a walk in the neighborhood with a few stops for photos along the way. I hear both families chased the session with pizza. Gotta love that. I should have invited myself to dinner.


Hugs and High Fives

Planning for this session looked like an email that said something along the lines of "Eli and Em insisted on choosing their own clothes for the shoot. And they are excited." That made me excited. I've been photographing this family for 6 (!!!) years. When we started Em wasn't walking, and her shy two-year-old brother barely looked me in the eye. The kids know me now, and we have had such through the years. This session is no exception. The magic of the Japanese Gardens certainly contributed to the feel of this shoot, but it's a family being who they are that really shines. The lush, endless paths for exploration put everyone in adventure mode, so we let the littles take charge and followed them around. I love Eli's quiet, calculated approach to life and Emerson's eager, just-go-for-it yang to his yin. Elementary school looks good on them. As for their parents, what can I say? I love clients whose love is complimented by their "like" years into a marriage. Sessions like this make me thankful for my life, for this job and for the way it lets me see the best in people. I love that going to work this day started with hugs and ended with high-fives. Cannot wait til next year!


So Much Goodness

I've known April since we were 10, making her one of my oldest friends and one of my best. The last time I photographed her family, they were living in Taiwan as missionaries. They've added one sweet baby to their brood since then, and they're adding another in a few months. I was so happy to have the opportunity to do these photos while they're a family of four and cannot wait to capture them as a family of five. April and Brent, I love you guys... who you are and what you're about, and I'm honored to be your friend. Thanks for letting me take some photographs of the goodness that is your life.