All the People Who Love Them

Four years ago tomorrow, I spent the day photographing Bela and Sean's wedding. Four weeks ago I spent the weekend photographing their twin girls with so many loved ones who have surrounded them to celebrate the joy of these two babies. I love that Bela prioritized getting photos of her girls with their grandparents, great grandparents and godparents. We did part of the session in Hartford, where the family lives, and the other part of the session in Ludlow, MA, where Bela grew up. Emma and Olivia are happy girls, and they are so loved. It was beautiful to see what makes each baby smile and how those smiles in turn light up the faces of every adult in their lives. They are treasured by all, and rightly so. I'm so excited to watch these two grow up! I love the continuity piece of telling the ongoing story of a family, so it seems fitting to post this blog on the eve of Bela and Sean's anniversary. I couldn't be happier for this family and am so grateful that they are clients-turned-friends.