Meghan and Jay

These days my wedding work is being shared and blogged on the Honey and Salt site, but when my sister got engaged, of course I had to take some photos. It's Meghan's birthday today, so I wanted to share these as an excuse to say how blessed I am to have a sister who doubles as one of my best friends. Meghan is generous and kind, more of a baby whisperer than I (if you can believe such a thing is possible), a lover of people, a great hostess and one of the most articulate people I know. Jay is truly her compliment, and I've loved becoming his friend through the course of their relationship. It's been so incredible to be a part of their story. I'm guessing 29 (and holding) is going to be Meghan's best year yet. I can't wait for their wedding and all that is to come. The future is looking very bright for these two.

Happy birthday, Meghan! I love you to the sky and back.