Introducing Harleigh

On her two-week birthday Harleigh arrived in the studio with her mama and her cousin, and she smirked and slept and showed off her bright eyes. Those bright eyes captivated me. The wonder of a newborn added to the family created a lovely warmth in the studio. I listened to the story of this very-much-wanted but somewhat surprising addition as I watched her mom cradle her girl with tenderness, crooning adoration. If Harleigh had any strong opinions, she kept them to herself. She fussed very little. When her cousin scooped her up for photos, though, she wailed. I think she knew that her mama's helper since her arrival was leaving the next day and had some protesting to do about the situation. That seemed appropriate. That momentary meltdown did not even for a second threaten the joy of celebrate this baby girl that this session allowed.