Introducing Anya

She was just shy of two-weeks-old when I met her, and Anya's grandparents had gathered in her parent's home to help welcome their granddaughter and care for big brother Bowen. In the space of time between his two-year photos and the arrival of baby Anya, Bowen grew in confidence and words, and he showed off his sister and beamed as he nuzzled her forehead and counted her toes. Anya, meanwhile slept, primarily, as she was passed among pairs of arms. Her contentment made the session interactive and warm. It was as if she knew she was safe and loved. Even with a busy two-year-old's clunky affection she seemed at ease. It's beautiful to see the way a newborn fits into a family just so, every time. It doesn't get old to witness the fullness of love that surrounds a brand new baby, and in Anya's world the fullness spilled over into a gorgeous collection of photographs. Anya's grandma brought bright fabrics and stuffed tigers, protectors in Chinese culture, with her from their homeland. These items brought elements of Anya's cultural inheritance to the session. This will go down as a favorite newborn session to date.