Welcoming Oliver

Real talk: it's been four months since I blogged, and little Oliver is almost a year old, and well, I've been intending to share these photos since he arrived. This was just before I relocated to Connecticut, and I loved seeing how proud big brother Meyer was to show me his baby. I loved seeing Mom and Dad pass their boys back and forth and handle the transition from one to two like pros. I loved the warmth in their home and the ease in the day. I knew when I photographed Oliver's newborn photos that I'd likely slow down on working with newborns for a while. It's been a quiet year for me in that department.

I'm excited, though, to be moving towards 2018 and being settled into a Connecticut routine. I'm starting to photograph family sessions more regularly here, and I'm looking forward to launching into newborns in the new year. I photographed my first Connecticut little miss a couple of weeks ago and will share those soon. I love capturing documentary, lifestyle photographs at the hospital or in families' homes as they welcome new family member. I love the ways hearts expand to embrace a tiny new baby just so. It's truly one of most incredible things I get to witness. I'll be getting back to blogging on the regular in the coming weeks, and Oliver's session seemed fitting beginning.

Connecticut friends, if you or someone you know is welcoming a baby in the new year, I'd love to hear from you. In the meantime, enjoy Oliver's session.


Brand New Big Sisters Make the Sweetest Newborn Session Magic

Poppy's arrival meant two-year-old Violet graduated to a new role of big sisterhood. I love seeing the way a family grows and expands not just in number when a newborn comes home. Hearts open wide and even the tiniest toddlers discover they are capable of great big love. Violet's busy, big-girl-self nestled alongside of sleepy Poppy was not the only magic moment at the session, but it is a good place to start in sharing a family's warm welcome of a second beautiful daughter. 

Newborn sessions are day in and day out among my favorites, and in sharing this session I want to share that I am running a newborn special through the summer. Full newborn sessions with all digital files are $550 (a $300 savings) or with 25 digital files are $425 (a $125 savings). Maternity options are also available. If you or someone you know is due June through August, I'd love to hear from you. I want all families to have beautiful photographs like Poppy's sweet session!

Riley's First 24

Few captures rival photographs from the first day's of a baby's life. I've been working with Shelly and Justin since before they were married, so getting to document the arrival of their second born was so special. I got to show up not only as a photographer but also as a friend. Seeing the first time Dad held his daughter and Cooper realized he was a big brother made my eyes water, and watching the natural way Shelly transitioned from mom of one to mom of two inspired me. The love in this family multiplied right in front of my camera lens. I don't have a lot of words to describe this type of session; the photos tell the whole story. I'll just say if you're interested in having these types of photos made when your baby arrives, I'd love to hear from you. A first 24 or 48 session allows you the opportunity to have permanent visual reminders of one of the most incredible times in your life.


Introducing Eisley

Eisley belongs to my beautiful friend Sarah, and I love that my work allowed me to celebrate the arrival of her gorgeous girl. She preferred her mama's company to any option involving laying her down, so we went with that until she eventually settled. I love her sweet face and the way she makes Sarah smile. She is tiny and lovely, wanted and loved. Newborn sessions are always favorites, but when the stars align so I can bear witness to my friends as they transition into motherhood... it is the best thing. Eisley, little miracle, adds beauty and wonder to the world. I can't wait to see who she becomes.


Introducing Hanley

Hanley slept her way through pretty much her entire newborn session, minus the last few minutes when she snuggled with her big brother and gave me a few peeks. I loved getting to hear her brothers dote and play in the background while we did her individual portraits. Trying to get the cooperation of her middle brother, though, proved to be a(n adorable) challenge when the time came for sibling shots. New baby sisters bring a bit of processing for newly promoted big brothers, so we let Payne do his thing. I love this sweet collection of photographs, and it makes me excited for my upcoming newborns as well as updating some whole family photos when Hanley's mom and dad are ready. I enjoy few things as much as capturing photos of new babies and the ways they transform a family. Hanley fits right in with her brothers, loved and lovely, the sweetest little miss.


Introducing Beatrice Mae

Beatrice Mae, niece 3.0, arrived to a very full family and so wanted and very much loved. She is utterly delightful, and I loved getting to meet her. My mom and I went to Raleigh together to meet her, and we were in love from the first day. These photos were taken before she was two-weeks-old, over a few days. I'm a little sad to say we didn't capture any stunning family photos, as it was rainy and dark most of the trip, and the one day we attempted... well, I'll just let you see for yourselves. I love that we got some real life, real time, this-is-what-it's-like-to-have-a-newborn series in the midst of my time there. I have additional photos to blog from this trip, but I wanted to share some photos of our sweet honey Bea all fresh and new. She bookends a very full nest, and I love her so. Isn't she lovely?


Introducing Baby Mary

Every time I look at these photos of little Mary, I hear a Downton Abbey voice in my head elegantly commenting, "Baby Mary is such a lovely girl..." And she is. Mary was my last newborn of 2014, and I loved her calm disposition that captivated her parents. Whether awake or asleep, she was mostly content to be here, earth-side, at home with her mom and dad. The feel and pace of the session invokes the welcoming quiet of the family home. Blogging these photos reminds me of the beauty of new life and the fullness of the love a tiny baby brings. They make me anticipate both the newborns I'll meet this year and seeing this little one as she grows. This will go down as a favorite newborn session from last year.

Dallas-Newborn-Photographercomp001Dallas-Newborn-Photographercomp002 Dallas-Newborn-Photographercomp003

Introducing Haley

Before the launch of my wedding partnership, Honey and Salt, I photographed a few weddings every year. Jennifer and Andrew's was one of those weddings. When I heard they were expecting, I was excited to meet their new addition once she arrived. On the morning of her session, her grandma and great-grandma joined in celebrating this precious and beautiful girl, and it reminded me of her parents' wedding day. The women in Haley's life are women who show up and help each other out, and they are utterly taken with Haley. Taking some generations photos alongside of immediate family photos was so special. Haley spent most of the session chill and wide-eyed. She didn't want to miss a thing. Her long eyelashes and crazy head of hair are adorably newborn perfection, but the way she is cared for and loved is what I am most excited about sharing. You can see the excitement and joy over this little life all through the session. I look forward to seeing how such a foundation shapes her life as she grows up.


Introducing Alistair

Big brother Adam announced I could meet baby "Alligator" when I arrived at the house. He proudly showed me his baby brother, and I thought Alistair was darling and oh-so-kissable. He put up a bit of a fight when it was time for his solo photos, but that meant I got to see how loved and wanted this little guy is. He did settle eventually, and I love that the session ended with a darling newborn smile. I never tire of meeting brand new babies and seeing the way a family's capacity to love instantly expands with the arrival of their little one. Alistair reminds me that love looks like patience and gentleness and kind words and a whole lot of sweetness.


Happy Birthday, Evangeline!

On Friday, October 24, I messaged Evangeline's mama and said I hoped she was doing well as she neared her due date. Not an hour later her daddy texted to say they thought the baby was coming that day. As the day progressed labor slowed, so I didn't hear back until evening when I received a "it's time" text. Two years ago on Christmas Day I photographed the arrival of Evie's big sister, and she arrived so fast that I hurried to the birth center. Evie decided on a slower pace, though, so it wasn't until the wee hours of October 25 that her mama delivered her into her daddy's hands. Beautiful and healthy and with lungs ready to go, Evie captured her parents' hearts immediately, and I am so grateful I got to witness the miracle of new life. She is a perfect fit in her family, and these photos don't do justice to the warmth and love that filled the room.


Introducing Harleigh

On her two-week birthday Harleigh arrived in the studio with her mama and her cousin, and she smirked and slept and showed off her bright eyes. Those bright eyes captivated me. The wonder of a newborn added to the family created a lovely warmth in the studio. I listened to the story of this very-much-wanted but somewhat surprising addition as I watched her mom cradle her girl with tenderness, crooning adoration. If Harleigh had any strong opinions, she kept them to herself. She fussed very little. When her cousin scooped her up for photos, though, she wailed. I think she knew that her mama's helper since her arrival was leaving the next day and had some protesting to do about the situation. That seemed appropriate. That momentary meltdown did not even for a second threaten the joy of celebrate this baby girl that this session allowed.


Introducing Pate

The plan for Pate's newborn session was to keep things very simple- create a collection of photographs of the week-old baby just as she was- no fancy props or outfits. Pate seemed to agree with this plan; she stared and slept and stared and slept some more. I love her teeny features and wide-eyed wonder. When I see the photographs with her mama, my heart melts. A baby transforms her parents to be more of themselves; suddenly they are more able to give of themselves fully, more capable of loving more deeply than they ever imagined possible. I see this, time and again, at a newborn session, and it never gets old. Not everything about having a baby is easy and fun, but to have a child is certainly one of the greatest gifts to both be given and to give the world. It is so special to come into a home with a baby so new. To meet Pate and see how loved she is made me excited for this little life. She was so lovely and sweet, so wanted and new, and that is just right for a brand new girl. I cannot wait to watch her grow.


Introducing Lucia

I met little Lucia on her ninth day earth-side, and she was equal parts bright-eyed and sound asleep with not a bit of squirmy fuss in between. Lucia Alessandra was named for her grandma in Italy and her aunt Sandy, her mom told me. She'd pulled out two blankets her grandma made for her brother, showing me the gorgeous work her mother-in-law had created for her grandson. Her grandma passed away a few months before Lucia was born. Using her grandma's handiwork as a backdrop and prop for the baby's photographs reminded me that even the tiniest of humans have big stories, and this baby's story includes an Italian family, a transcontinental love story and a busy big brother. We'll be doing full family photos next week. This session was about capturing Lucia in her newness. She is a sweet one, this baby, beautiful and lovely and very, very loved.


Introducing Holden

Here are some things about Holden's newborn session that make me smile as I blog these photos: first of all, baby Holden himself seemed to think a photo session meant extra time to snuggle with his family and to stare and sleep and be all around precious. Then there was his mom whose gentleness and tenderness with her tiny son demonstrated the amazing way a heart instantly expands to love new life. And his dad was similar but as he followed his toddler daughter around (you can't leave a two-year-old untended!) turned to me and said, "I just love my little girl." We wondered at the maternity session how Lauren would adjust to a newborn in the mix. She's precocious and busy and, well, two. The answer (and this is what I loved seeing the most): she adores him. Here's a sneak peek of Holden's session so that you can see for yourself.


Introducing John

This tiny guy has filled his family's home with love and warmth. His daddy is so, so attentive, and his mama is so, so proud. His grandma was visiting to help out, and she too is quite taken with her newborn grandson. John was eight-days-old at his newborn session, and we started out with a wide-eyed little wonder who stared and stared at me. Then his eyes got heavy, and he settled into dreamland. I love this entire set of images. When the weather allows for a few outdoor photos of a newborn, I get excited, and John didn't seem to notice the shift from inside to out. In mid-April, John's parents celebrated their five-year anniversary with a maternity session, and by the middle of May, their arms and hearts overflowed with their firstborn son. I can't wait to watch him grow!


Introducing Georgia Suzanne {Delaware Newborn Photographer}

On February 6, Georgia Suzanne arrived, making me an auntie for the second time. She lives in Delaware, where my brother serves in the Air Force, so I planned a trip as quickly as I could. Trying to find the words to express the joy I felt when I met this little peach is difficult. Her disposition is quiet, peaceful and sweet. Georgia cries when she's hungry and sleeps easily, and she is every bit as heavenly as a newborn could possibly be. I cannot wait to see who she becomes as she grows, but at the moment I want to relish her newness. New life brings a freshness and delight to a family, and ours is delighted to welcome this much-anticipated little girl. Seeing Jaybo and Kendall step into their roles as parents is so fun to watch, and I know they will do an incredible job caring for their daughter. I love her so much, and while I'm not sure these photographs express the fullness of my heart in regards to this baby, I'm excited to share them nonetheless.


Introducing Stella

Her mama and I had talked on the phone several times before Miss Stella arrived, and we'd planned a good bit. I arrived for newborn photos to a very awake and busy little newborn, beautiful as could be but decidedly not in the mood for photos. We took our time, though, and between her mama, her daddy and I, we eventually convinced this sweet baby girl that having newborn photographs was in fact a brilliant idea. I so enjoyed this session. Seeing the way Stella's parents work as partners and with such consideration towards one another was compelling to witness, and their complete smitten-ness with their daughter warmed my heart. I'm so pleased to share a sneak peek of Stella's newborn session and look forward to continuing to document her story as she grows.


Coming in February: Niece 2.0

Maternity photo sessions always put a smile on my face, especially when I have a newborn session booked to follow when the baby arrives. When my brother and sister-in-law decided to come home for Christmas, in addition to being excited about their visit, we realized the timing would line up perfectly for maternity photos. This particular session brings me such joy. At most maternity sessions I walk away amazed at the depth of love and scope of anticipation that exudes from the parents. At this particular maternity session, I got to share those emotions as I thought about my hopes for my soon-to-arrive niece. I know she is already wanted and loved, and I hope she understands from the get-go that she is a treasure and a gift. We are all so excited to meet her!


Look What Santa Brought!

So much sweetness at this newborn session that I don't quite know what to say. Twin baby girls just a week old who were snuggled up and sleepy and content for the entire time I was doing their photos? I wouldn't have dared hope for such easy going babies. Newborns can be challenging, and it's always amazing to photograph them. That said, having two so cooperative to work with was so lovely. Their big brother was proud and doting. His grandma took him to school once we finished photos with him and the girls (I'd done his individual portraits in November). We did these photos before Christmas, and I'm excited to finally be back to blogging after the haze of the holidays! Cannot wait to see how these little peanuts (both were just over 5 pounds) grow and change between now and our next session!


Beautiful Baby Bump

I got to meet this sweet mama last week, and we talked about her soon-to-arrive (December!) baby girl. The anticipation of welcoming her first daughter showed all over her face. We had a perfect afternoon for taking photographs. I can't wait to do newborn photos in just a few short weeks. This tiny baby is already well-loved and so wanted.