Introducing Baby Mary

Every time I look at these photos of little Mary, I hear a Downton Abbey voice in my head elegantly commenting, "Baby Mary is such a lovely girl..." And she is. Mary was my last newborn of 2014, and I loved her calm disposition that captivated her parents. Whether awake or asleep, she was mostly content to be here, earth-side, at home with her mom and dad. The feel and pace of the session invokes the welcoming quiet of the family home. Blogging these photos reminds me of the beauty of new life and the fullness of the love a tiny baby brings. They make me anticipate both the newborns I'll meet this year and seeing this little one as she grows. This will go down as a favorite newborn session from last year.

Dallas-Newborn-Photographercomp001Dallas-Newborn-Photographercomp002 Dallas-Newborn-Photographercomp003