Stella is One!

I had the privilege of meeting Stella as a newborn and watching her grow as a six-month-old, so I anticipated her one-year session as the holidays calmed down and January set in. The anticipation was rightly placed. Stella is a delightful baby who is fast becoming a toddler, and she had lots of smiles and sillies for the camera. She's independent, curious and determined, and she remains the absolute apple of her parents' eye. Witnessing the family dynamic in which Stella is growing up allowed me to see beauty and wonder and love. We let Stella do her thing and followed her around with the camera, and her bright eyes put a smile on my face. I am grateful I got to photograph the first year of this baby girl and look forward to continuing with her family this year. Getting to do her photos made me excited for the newborns I'll meet this year and the stories I'll get to tell as they grow. Photographing the life of a baby as she becomes a child in the context of her family is some of my most rewarding work. Starting off 2015 with Stella's photo session was a treat, and I hope this post allows you a glimpse of why.