The Sweet Side of Sisterhood

These little ladies belong to my boyfriend's sister, so over the 4th of July we grabbed a few minutes at the lake to capture some photographs in a place that has significance for their family. Because I grew up with sisters who are some of my best friends, it always makes me happy to do sister photos. These girls have big, bright personalities and truly compliment each other. It's not that these girls always get along...several years between and two distinct personalities tend to lead to some definite differences. But there's that sister thing; I love photographing that. They know how to make each other laugh just as well as they know how to push each other's buttons. They look out for each other. They share not just toys and parents but this story: they are sisters, and they are friends. I anticipate on their behalf just how sweet that friendship can one day be as they grow up, and I hope these photos illustrate a bit of that sweetness today.