Beautiful Bellingham and My Bestie's Crew

The Pacific Northwest is my favorite part of the US, and some of my favorite people happen to live there. It had been a couple of years since I visited, so once the trip was scheduled, one of the first things to be planned was photographs of my best friend's family. We took a few photos of our various adventures, and I blogged a few photos of the trip as a whole. I'm excited to finally be sharing a few more photos of the littles and of Carla's session. Carla is one of those rare friends who came into life unexpectedly and promptly became one of my people. We have never lived in the same place, but we've had international adventures as well as cross country visits. I love that her kids call me auntie and that her husband doesn't mind if I sleep on the couch for days at a time. We've weathered hard things and witnessed beautiful things. I can't imagine my life without my bestie and her people. They're pretty spectacular, and I hope that shows in these photographs.