Harper is One!

On her first birthday, I had the pleasure of photographing Harper. We'd done photos in February when I was in Delaware, and I'm amazed at how much a few months changed this baby girl. For one thing, she is going, going, going... everywhere. Her daddy wasn't home in February (he's an Air Force pilot), so I love that Harper's birthday session was a family affair. I wanted to post Harper's blog today so you can see her beautiful, vibrant personality. She had a medical procedure done this morning that requires her to be a courageous and resilient girl in the coming days and weeks, and this little light of a girl just shines, shines, shines. I wish photographs could contain the sound of a sweet baby voice, although I think her enthusiasm for life comes through. Would you say a little prayer for sweet Harper and her amazing mama and daddy today and in the next few weeks. She's going to be just fine, but they have a challenging month ahead.

Next time I see this brave one, she'll be running and talking and more of a kid than a baby, but for now, here's Harper's happy birthday session. It was happy indeed.