So Beautiful, Real Life

When we decided to book this session during the golden hour that happens just before sunset, I wasn't sure how two toddlers would do. I've worked with these guys for a few years, though, and knew we'd manage to get at least a handful of beautiful images, even if we had to work a little bit to keep the little ones engaged. I needn't have worried. It was a near-perfect evening, with a little chatterbox and a giggly baby brother, a silly daddy and a relaxed mama. I love a family just being during a portrait session. It is not difficult to show what someone looks like, but when a family really shows up, the images take on a deeper meaning and illustrate the story of who they are. I think these photographs do just that, and I love them. I see warmth and beauty and deep, compelling love... so much love. This is real life for this family, and it inspires me. Getting to see that makes thankful for the families who keep coming back when it's time to update their photographs.