Introducing Cole

When we did maternity photos before Cole was born, his family didn't know he was a boy. Cole arrived and surprised them; they'd suspected he was a girl. Cole, though, is a perfect fit in his family. A second little boy is exactly who they needed. This was a sweet newborn session, one that was straightforward and simple. The baby ate and slept. His brother napped until the end. Everyone was relaxed and happy to be doting on this tiny man who'd joined their family the week before. My favorite moment of the session occurred when we put the two boys on the couch together. Tell your brother a secret, I urged Beckett, who was lying on his stomach looking at the baby. "I love you," he whispered, kissing him on the forehead. His parents just beamed as their older son expressed his heart to the younger. When I started editing this set of images, those photos stood out. I like to think years from now that story will be told and retold whenever Cole's newborn photos are revisited. It's the good stuff of real life, and it's a huge piece of why I view my job as a privilege. So grateful to have spent a few hours celebrating baby Cole. I'm excited to share a few of his photographs here.