Lucie: Sweet Sixteen

The first time I took Lucie's photos, she was 11. She demonstrated her dance skills with grace and poise while retaining a bit of childlike wonder about the world. I've done her photos several times through the years, and this time we celebrated her 16th birthday. At the session we chatted easily about music and school and boys and life, and afterwards she told her mom she liked doing photos with me because she gets to be herself. I loved hearing that, because when I took the photos my hope was to capture photographs that illustrate who Lucie is, not just what she looks like. She still has that grace and poise and even a bit of that childlike wonder, and she also has maturity and depth, a quick laugh and an easy smile. The next time I see her will likely be for senior portraits, and I am so excited to watch her continue to become exactly who she was made to be. She's beautiful and fun, intelligent and calm.