First Family Photos

When Tricia reached out regarding a photo session, she said this would be the first collection of family photos with eight-month-old Ethan. I looked forward to documenting such a fantastic age- and in their home- where babies tend to be the most at ease with new faces. Ethan had big grins and belly laughs from the get go, and I witnessed lots of the pride, joy and delight that brightens the faces of parents watching their little one shine. New parenthood may bring challenges that requires adaptation and change, but the overarching theme I see when I meet a family for the first time is the unique beauty that their expression of love displays. This was a laid-back, simple session with that produced photographs that captures a family as they are, perfect for first family photos. I've been excited to share a sneak peek; it makes me anticipate watching little Ethan grow. It makes me anticipate the new families I've yet to meet. Lots of goodness to behold here.