Easter Weekend

Over Easter we loaded our newlywed selves and the dog into my little Honda Fit and made the drive to El Paso to visit Ty's sister and her family. We didn't tell the girls we were coming; we showed up and knocked on the door. Emory (5) was in Ty's arms as soon as the door opened wide enough for her to see us. She'd had a birthday the weekend before, and we'd missed it on account of my sister's wedding. Our newly joined lives multiplied the size of our families, and I am so grateful that we not only love but quite like both sides. We spent the weekend exploring and with very little scheduling, two of my favorite ways to do life. I think Ty is at his best around his family; they fit just so. I fit right in the mix too, and these photographs are rich with memories for me. Life isn't all low-key days of ice cream and sunsets and egg dyeing and sandy desert. On the days it is, it is so very easy to remember that life is good. I love that Ty's family is now my family, and these are my people. I spend work days documenting stories for others, and I want to be intentional about doing the same for us. Sharing these makes me anticipate being together over the summer.