Happy Birthday, Evangeline!

On Friday, October 24, I messaged Evangeline's mama and said I hoped she was doing well as she neared her due date. Not an hour later her daddy texted to say they thought the baby was coming that day. As the day progressed labor slowed, so I didn't hear back until evening when I received a "it's time" text. Two years ago on Christmas Day I photographed the arrival of Evie's big sister, and she arrived so fast that I hurried to the birth center. Evie decided on a slower pace, though, so it wasn't until the wee hours of October 25 that her mama delivered her into her daddy's hands. Beautiful and healthy and with lungs ready to go, Evie captured her parents' hearts immediately, and I am so grateful I got to witness the miracle of new life. She is a perfect fit in her family, and these photos don't do justice to the warmth and love that filled the room.


The Birth of Finn

I knew Bethany would be induced on July 27, as we'd talked earlier in the week. Sunday morning I ran at White Rock and as I wrapped up my run received a "come now" text. Things were moving faster than Bethany anticipated. This being her fourth baby, she had an *idea* of how things might go, but babies come in their own time. And Finn was ready to meet his family. After a rushed shower, I hurried to the hospital where things were steadily progressing. I've known Bethany and Mark for over 20 years; they're my sister's best friends. That said, seeing the two of them prepare to welcome Finn allowed me to witness a deep love play out in the midst of the intensity of birth. I can't quite put words to the beauty of it. And then, Finn.

As soon as he was out, at 11:37 am, he worked his little lungs, wanting his whole 8 pound, 6 ounce, 21 inch self to be known. To witness a birth is to see the miracle of new life. I still can't look at these photographs without crying. As soon as Finn was placed in Bethany's arms, he settled. He was home; he knew it. Oblivious to the surrounding excitement, Finn captured his parents heart.

And then there's the part not long after his arrival where his big siblings arrived. They were literally jumping for joy, excitement radiating on their faces. The immediacy and depth of their affection for Finn amazed me. I loved getting to see them peer through the windows in the nursery and dance down the hall as the nurse pushed Finn to Bethany's room so the siblings could formally meet. And then he was in their arms. They ooed and ahhed and snuggled. Extended family came and went. Gifts were exchanged. The baby was passed around to pairs of arms welcoming, celebrating, loving him. All that is right and good and true in the world showed up at a hospital in Arlington, Texas that morning, for Finn had arrived.


Happy Birthday, August!

August Emanuel arrived on December 8 at 1:27 pm, weighing in at 9 pounds, 3 ounces. Dallas was a sheet of ice, and his mama texted me from Austin at around 9 am that she thought it was time. I don't normally take birth clients in Austin, but Augie's parents are friends. We did the same song and dance just two years ago for his brother Beau's birth. Beau, also a December baby, didn't arrive in the middle of an ice storm. I made it to Beau's birth. I didn't make it to Augie's. I hopped on a plane as soon as Erika texted, and I arrived just as Augie went to the nursery for his newborn exam and bath. The first thing I noticed about Augie was the way his dad couldn't take his eyes off of him. The second thing I noticed was what a chunky little man he was. I shot photographs throughout the rest of the day and a few the next day as well, and of this tiny-but-not-tiny newborn, I'll say this, he fits right into the family to which he was gifted. His brothers doted on him from the moment they met him. His parents' arms were well prepared to receive a third beautiful boy. His grandparent's beamed and then beamed some more. And Augie, in typical newborn form, mostly slept through it all. I stare at these photos and see the miracle of birth and the wonder of love and the joy of new life, and I am both honored and mesmerized that I got to be there.

Augie is already growing and changing, but these photographs mean we stopped, time, at least visually. I am thankful I got to be the one to capture these images, even though I missed the actual birth. So much goodness to behold here...


Happy Birthday, Luke! {Dallas Birth Photographer}

On Sunday, April 14, Luke made his way earthside. The miracle of new life humbled and awed everyone involved. His mama amazed me, and his dad and big brothers were so proud. It is such an honor to witness a birth, and these photographs illustrate everything about why I love doing what I do. If you are interested in having your birth photographed, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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Happy birthday, Campbell {Dallas Birth Photographer}

Campbell arrived in an unexpected manner, and every bit of his miraculous little self was so anticipated and loved from the start. Being a part of welcoming him meant capturing such tangible expressions of love that these photos make my eyes water. He is surely destined for greatness. Here are a few photos from his birth:

Interested in having your birth documented photographically? Contact me through my website!

Happy Birthday Cooper {Frisco Birth Photographer}

On December 11, I witnessed the miracle of Cooper Robert's birth. His mama's story is hers to tell, but I'll just say she was a champion. Cooper arrived wide-eyed and content, to hugs and kisses and love. And the world seemed a better place with this 8 pound, 8 ounce baby's presence. I photographed Cooper's parents' engagement session, wedding, gender reveal and maternity sessions. Seeing a couple I've known throughout their story become a family made me so excited for this birth, and these photos make me laugh and cry. Happy birthday, Cooper!