Happy Birthday, August!

August Emanuel arrived on December 8 at 1:27 pm, weighing in at 9 pounds, 3 ounces. Dallas was a sheet of ice, and his mama texted me from Austin at around 9 am that she thought it was time. I don't normally take birth clients in Austin, but Augie's parents are friends. We did the same song and dance just two years ago for his brother Beau's birth. Beau, also a December baby, didn't arrive in the middle of an ice storm. I made it to Beau's birth. I didn't make it to Augie's. I hopped on a plane as soon as Erika texted, and I arrived just as Augie went to the nursery for his newborn exam and bath. The first thing I noticed about Augie was the way his dad couldn't take his eyes off of him. The second thing I noticed was what a chunky little man he was. I shot photographs throughout the rest of the day and a few the next day as well, and of this tiny-but-not-tiny newborn, I'll say this, he fits right into the family to which he was gifted. His brothers doted on him from the moment they met him. His parents' arms were well prepared to receive a third beautiful boy. His grandparent's beamed and then beamed some more. And Augie, in typical newborn form, mostly slept through it all. I stare at these photos and see the miracle of birth and the wonder of love and the joy of new life, and I am both honored and mesmerized that I got to be there.

Augie is already growing and changing, but these photographs mean we stopped, time, at least visually. I am thankful I got to be the one to capture these images, even though I missed the actual birth. So much goodness to behold here...