Happy Birthday, Evangeline!

On Friday, October 24, I messaged Evangeline's mama and said I hoped she was doing well as she neared her due date. Not an hour later her daddy texted to say they thought the baby was coming that day. As the day progressed labor slowed, so I didn't hear back until evening when I received a "it's time" text. Two years ago on Christmas Day I photographed the arrival of Evie's big sister, and she arrived so fast that I hurried to the birth center. Evie decided on a slower pace, though, so it wasn't until the wee hours of October 25 that her mama delivered her into her daddy's hands. Beautiful and healthy and with lungs ready to go, Evie captured her parents' hearts immediately, and I am so grateful I got to witness the miracle of new life. She is a perfect fit in her family, and these photos don't do justice to the warmth and love that filled the room.