A Week Shy of One

Carinne's photos took place a week before her first birthday. She walked like pro, giving me all kinds of big-eyed stares, suspicious of a new person. Soon enough she though me a friend, and then her expressive little face lit up. She didn't have words yet, but her eyes and that smiled told her story with clarity: here is a little girl who knows she is loved, who adores her parents and who is ready to take on the world. For just a year earth-side, this wee one has the important stuff figured out.

Waiting for Savannah: A Summer Maternity

Emily emailed a few days before her maternity session and asked if I thought we could do a few photos using her in-laws' pool. We'd planned a morning session in their backyard. August in Texas, well, it's hot. The pool sounded like the perfect ending for the shoot. The anticipation of baby girl number two alongside of delight in big sister number one filled every frame of our time together, and I especially love that towards the end Emily suggested a family jump into the pool. Those photos turned out downright magical, and with the thermometer still pushing 90 in mid-October, revisiting these photos for the blog seemed pretty perfect. 

These Two

Sarah and Eisley and I scheduled and rescheduled because of rain, rain, rain. When we finally met for photos on an overcast evening, a tiny girl with the bluest eyes warily assessed me. It took a while for her to warm up, but when she did Eisley remained intently focused on her mama, wanting her close. The bond between these two makes me smile; they are the sweetest little family. Sarah is one of those moms who takes her kiddo in stride and parents with ease and laughter. Eisley is one of those babies who is inquisitive and busy. I loved watching this session unfold.

Everyday Extraordinary

Allison and Adam first contacted me before their firstborn arrived, and from the time we did that initial maternity session they've wanted photographs that reflect the simple beauty of everyday life. Our sessions have been conversational and low-key, allowing me glimpses into a family's growth and change over time. When we did family photos last year, Allison told me she was expecting twins, and we pencilled in a newborn session. I never imagined when booking that session that their newborn session would shift to a family session a few months later. The boys arrived early, and their precious Sam never left the hospital. You can read more of their story on their blog. I found myself amazed at the extraordinary courage this family displayed.

I am so glad Allison and Adam decided to do this session at home, letting the nuances of their family shape the session's flow. Home often trumps the most interesting of locations, because it's so decidedly specific and familiar. This session was passing boys back and forth, reading stories, tickling bellies and a demonstration of the great love that belongs uniquely to one family. The desire to honor Sam was an integral part of this session, and we did some photos in his memory. That said, the truth is they honor Sam all day every day in the way they love and care for one another and his brothers. It is beautiful to see. 

Incredibly Not Perfect

When Caitlin inquired about booking a session for her family, their third with me, she thought a lot about what she wanted to preserve about this season with her brood. Just before their shoot  she sent me an email that said, "I've finally decided to face the fact that every time my family is in front of a camera I try very hard to make us all look 'perfect.' (I use quotation marks because it's really such a farce.) Well, despite my efforts, my family and I are so incredibly NOT perfect... And I just can't do masks anymore...

"...Where I am now is that I want REAL... even if the cost is imperfect pictures where the darkness is captured along with the light." I heard a quiet yes resonate in me as I read her email. I knew their session would be something special from the moment Caitlin shared her heart. And it was. It really was. We hiked the muddy woods the children love. We wandered and talked and paused and laughed. It was incredibly not perfect. It was incredibly real and raw. Mostly it was incredibly beautiful.

This session makes me want to capture these kinds of photos for all the families I work with. They move me. I hope they move you.


Magic Light and Real Life

Real talk: the families who sign up for a session at the day's end when the light is golden and beautiful have regular kids, meaning kids who get tired and are sometimes a *wee bit* grumpy towards the end of the day. When Andrew and Alex arrived for family photos they'd had a big day, so we spent a few minutes just kinda being. Real talk, part two: almost any kids, given the undivided attention of their parents at the park will warm up and get distracted from said end-of-day *ahem* challenges.  A little bit of play, a whole lot of laughing, some fast running and a good bit of interacting created one of my favorite spring family sessions this year. So much love shines through in these photos. 

If your photo shoot feels a little crazy while in process, have no fear. Good stuff is happening, and it looks like what is uniquely beautiful in any given family, through a camera lens. I love this job.

Almost Trio: A Maternity Session

Jessica and Sam's dynamic duo of brothers will expand into a trio in a few short weeks, and I got to take a few photos as they await the arrival of their new guy. It was the muddiest day, and the boys were so excited to have an excuse to get their feet dirty and play. I've done sessions with this crew for several years, so the kids know me. I love that the familiarity yields stunning results every time, and I love that I'm getting to watch a family grow and change and make room for one more. Such a sweet time. I cannot wait to post newborn photos soon!

Just a reminder that I'm running a maternity and newborn special through August, so if these photos appeal to you and you or someone you know is expecting in that time frame (or in the fall... the special can be extended by paying a retainer while it is running), I'd love to hear from you. Pricing starts at $425 for 20 digital files, a $125 savings with the option to upgrade to the full gallery. Maternity sessions are minis priced at $275, a $75 savings and include 10 digital files with the option to upgrade to the full gallery. Some restrictions apply. So excited to fill my summer calendar with beautiful bumps and babies!

Before the Tooth Fairy's Services Were Required

When Laurie reached out to me regarding photographs of her son, "just a few," she mentioned, "because we want to capture his smile before his baby teeth fall out." Brice used his tongue to demonstrate loose front teeth when I arrived. Laurie suggested the swing in the front yard, because it's a family favorite. I was charmed by a little boy who told me he loved staying in hotels and ordering room service and who beamed when is dad teased him. I so look forward to capturing some family photos soon, but this session endeared me because it was scheduled with the recognition that Brice is growing up. The desire to preserve a bit of his babyhood and early boyhood visually made me so happy to be the photographer hired. Brice and I hung out a bit on our own, and towards the end of our session, he asked me if I worked for someone. He got a lesson in self-employment before he turned to me with a grin and said, "Well, all the people should hire you. You're really good at what you do." I'll take a seven-year-old endorsement any day. I left with a full heart and a simple collection of photographs of a fleeting, nuanced moment in this boy's life.

Last week Laurie and I poured over Brice's gallery and made selections for enlargements to hang as art in their home. While I was there, one of those loose teeth fell out, making the services of the tooth fairy a requirement. A misty-eyed mama recalled her teething baby and thanked me for capturing her son. The timing was perfect; the photographs were done and will soon deck the walls of their home, a reminder of days gone by that hopefully build anticipation of all that is to come as Brice grows up.


Nadine is Three, Part One

We planned Nadine's three-year photos around having golden hour light to compliment a favorite family outing. On the morning of the scheduled session, rain set in, so we rescheduled the bulk of her portrait session. Her parents were on a deadline for a few photos, though, so we did a mini-session on the front porch of their house. I'm so glad we did, because while the second part of her three-year photos is really fun (and will be shared soon), I love the beauty seen here. I see Nadine's contagious joy. It lights her face all the way into her eyes. I see the way she loves and is loved. I see a child I've known since birth coming into her own, secure in her identity because her parents are raising her to be strong and brave and honest and good. I've been doing Nadine's photos since she was born, and she's my little buddy, counting herself my friend right alongside her parents (she's right). That said, it makes me so happy to share these.


On Family and Mini-Sessions

Once kids are beyond the phase where they seem to be changing- and wildly- every few days and then weeks and eventually months, some families find that booking an annual full session is more than they need. I love when families continue to prioritize family photos by booking a mini-session for the years when a full session is not required or budget constraints make a shorter session sensible. These thirty minute sessions go by quickly, but they flow well, particularly with families who are are exiting the baby/toddler phase. They're also great for solo photos to update a toddler's growth for particularly busy little ones. This beautiful crew met me in November for a mini-session in Highland Park, and I love that their session showcases just how much variety is possible in thirty minutes. The girls were so fun and sweet to each other, and everyone brought their very best selves to the session. I am so thankful I'm getting to watch these girls grow up through my lens. They're perfect mini-session clients.

I'm currently booking a limited number of anytime mini-sessions (I used to only offer them semi-annually), and if this type of session would be a fit for your family, please do not hesitate to contact me!


The Page They Were On

I'm never opposed to an afternoon at the lake, and neither were these guys. While I've photographed the littles before, it was the first time we've done family photos. It was a tag team parenting approach to keep up with two busy toddlers, and we stayed busy for the whole session. A certain young man was inclined to run, run, run, while his baby sister was newer in her walking skills. We mostly just let the kids set the pace, and the end results were a selection of photographs that illustrate what's beautiful about each individual as well as the whole family. It's fun to look at these now, a couple of months later, knowing that in the time that has passed since these session, each of these kiddos has continued to come into their own. It makes me excited for next time as well as thankful that we got to document the page they were on in the fall. They change so fast...


Sweetest Sisters

The best way to get happy, laughing little girls at a photo shoot is to have happy, fun-loving little girls as your subject. These three, each with her own personality and take being the subject of photographs, simply delighted me. I have three sisters, and two of them are close in age to me, so whenever I have a trio or foursome of sisters, I find myself remembering fond childhood memories. We too shared secrets and hugged tight and were (mostly) buddies. Life is that much more beautiful and fun and exciting with a sister, and I hope that these photos give these girls sweet memories of growing up together. I hope they know they've been given a gift in each other. I see that gift in these photos.


Little Girlies and Joy

This was our first meeting, and new families mean I get to hear and see their unique expression of what love looks like. These bright-eyed, beautiful little girls both gave me lots of smiles and laughs, and I got to watch their parents do that tag team thing that happens when a couple has a pair of busy girls. They did so with affection and ease, and while I'm sure there are days that aren't so quiet and simple, what stands out to me about this session is how peaceful it was. I am continually humbled by the goodness that occurs when I get to show up for a photo session and bear witness to a family who decides to fully show up for a session, bringing their best. That's what happened here, and while I love how wardrobe choices and warm light played into how these photographs look and feel, what stands out is the interactions illustrative of how a family goes together just so. So much joy to behold here...


Three, at Three

This beautiful family and I met up for the third time this fall, and the triplets are now three, talkative and full of ideas. I let the kids take the lead, and the end result was a collection of photographs that are pure joy. Any time I work with a sibling group, I want to capture both their relationships and the individual personalities of each child, and I think this session allowed me to do just that. Family photos that are illustrative of real life preserve the story of children growing up that I like to think they will one day show their children and grandchildren. When I get to photograph families who relax and enjoy the process, what is beautiful about that family naturally emerges. These guys shine, and the way they love looks good on them. I can't wait to see how they grow and change when they turn four.


Super G is 4!

Not sure how it happened that my little friend Super G turned 4. When I was growing my business, Grant was my nanny charge during his first year. One incredible part about being a photographer is that a lot of the littles I nannied through the years have an annual appointment for photos, so even if I don't see a whole lot of them in-between, we minimally cross paths then. These guys are so low-key and fun, so shooting around Denton was a great fit. I loved hearing an update of the past year and hearing Grant's stories from the State Fair (he'd been there the day before). This little man is learning to live big. I think everyone's favorite part of the session was hitting up Hypnotic Donuts, where Grant managed to put away his doughnut in about thirty seconds flat. I love how Grant's parents are committed to each other and to loving Grant well, and I think it shows in these photos. They're an amazing family.