Before the Tooth Fairy's Services Were Required

When Laurie reached out to me regarding photographs of her son, "just a few," she mentioned, "because we want to capture his smile before his baby teeth fall out." Brice used his tongue to demonstrate loose front teeth when I arrived. Laurie suggested the swing in the front yard, because it's a family favorite. I was charmed by a little boy who told me he loved staying in hotels and ordering room service and who beamed when is dad teased him. I so look forward to capturing some family photos soon, but this session endeared me because it was scheduled with the recognition that Brice is growing up. The desire to preserve a bit of his babyhood and early boyhood visually made me so happy to be the photographer hired. Brice and I hung out a bit on our own, and towards the end of our session, he asked me if I worked for someone. He got a lesson in self-employment before he turned to me with a grin and said, "Well, all the people should hire you. You're really good at what you do." I'll take a seven-year-old endorsement any day. I left with a full heart and a simple collection of photographs of a fleeting, nuanced moment in this boy's life.

Last week Laurie and I poured over Brice's gallery and made selections for enlargements to hang as art in their home. While I was there, one of those loose teeth fell out, making the services of the tooth fairy a requirement. A misty-eyed mama recalled her teething baby and thanked me for capturing her son. The timing was perfect; the photographs were done and will soon deck the walls of their home, a reminder of days gone by that hopefully build anticipation of all that is to come as Brice grows up.