Georgia is One!

Georgia, my second-born niece, turned one in February, and of course we did some portraits. I don't know how she went from newborn to six-month-old to a one-year-old who chirps, "Enin" when she sees me. She's got a whole lot of "What's that?" in her world these days. She is curious and calm. She is serious and silly. She loves to dance, to read, to play with her favorite doll. She has made our whole family's lives sweeter by being her own little self. Georgia's independence means she doesn't always want to be picked up and held, but she's always game for playing on the floor. We did her first birthday photos just before her party, and she loved having all her people around to celebrate her. When it came time for cake, we sang, and she stared. She was cautious in her approach until she realized cake is sweet. Then she laughed between bites and went to town. I love this little girl to the sky and back and am so glad I get to be a part of who she becomes. Being her auntie is the best.