Telling Visual Stories: Happy Birthday to the A Twins!

I photographed these sweet girls as newborns, at six months, for their first birthday, for their second birthday, for their third birthday, and then we followed up their three-year session with birthday party photos. Families that return to me time and again make my job that much more enjoyable, and I love that over time, tiny babies become little girls who know my name. Rapport comes with repeat sessions. I start to know more of a family's personality which leads to more-thought out ideas for the next session. It's remarkable to watch babies grow up. Photography is an investment in telling today's story for future generations. Adding chapters to that story as years go by is beautiful and compelling. I'm thankful that the A family has entrusted me to continue to work with them. I looked back over the past few years in preparing this blog post and wanted to share a few photographs through the years.