It's a Moment in Time

A visiting grandma and a soon-to-be developed empty field moved the timeline of this session up a bit. "It's a moment in time," Christie said when she booked the shoot. Their neighborhood is undergoing constant change these days, so we used a place that has been special to their family before it goes away. Everything about this session shouts of everything that matters about family photos. It's not that the light was perfect, though it was. It's not that the location was ideal, though it was. It's not that the dog cooperated, though she did. It's that everyone showed up, as themselves, and let me catch a glimpse into the world that makes a family work. It may have been a moment in time, but I suspect that empty field or not, there are endless moments of stories to be captured of life being lived well for this crew. They just fit. I'm glad I got to capture a glimpse.