A Session 21 Years in the Making

So these guys are like-family friends (for 21+ years!), and when they realized everyone would be in town for Thanksgiving, they asked me if I'd do a session. I'll be honest. Extended family sessions can be challenging, so I say yes to them cautiously. This session, though, makes me think maybe I should rethink that. We had so much fun! Everyone was laid back and happy, and no one got stressed out, not even for a moment. Instead time was spent hugging littles and passing the baby. The cousins were so excited to be together, and the time passed fast. This mix of photographs represents everything I love about this family. They love each other and take care of one another and don't spend a lot of time on insignificant details. The five kiddos growing up surrounded by this set of adults have the benefit of a family secure in their identities as individuals and corporately, and that is truly a gift to give the younger set. They feel safe and free, and they are encouraged to be themselves. It's evident on each little face. I could go on and on, but let me just say this: I really love seeing families loving each other. It never gets old.