An Oak Cliff Afternoon

It had been about 18 months since I'd seen this set of siblings, and it's crazy how much they've grown up. Everyone seemed so... poised. We took a walk around the Bishop Arts District and paused for photos as I got caught up on races to be run and soccer games to be played. We talked favorite books and subjects in school. I so enjoyed the ease with which our time passed. When we finished up in Bishop Arts, we headed to a nearby field that I've dubbed the magic field, because the light at sunset is warm and inviting, and we took a few more photographs there. Doing a session right after school meant the rush from place to place, with clothing to change and hair to fix, but each of these kids made the decision to be fully present for a while on Monday afternoon, and I love the results. They are family, and that is evidenced in the looks department. But I got to see them being family in their conversations, their chasing one another, their flipping of hair and rolling of eyes (in good fun, of course). They love. It shows.

I love that their mom stepped back and let me do my thing, while she focused on encouraging each child throughout the session. I hope that she takes them to Oddfellows for brunch soon. ;)