A Moose Hunt Two Years in the Making

It's hard to believe this little girl is two. A few weeks ago, I did some running photos of Nadine and her mom as a personal project, and those are some of my favorite photos I've taken to date. When we planned for Nadine's birthday set, we wanted to round out all the fantastic images of Nadine and her mom with some great photographs with her dad. I love how clearly their love and affection comes through in this set. At the beginning of the session, Nadine was a bit distracted, as two-year-olds are prone to be, so her mom made mention of seeing a "moose". Moose don't run around in Oak Cliff, but Nadine spent the duration of the session moose hunting, and that worked out well for capturing her personality and some family photos that look like exactly who these guys are, and by that I mean personality in addition to appearance. Nadine is lively and silly and conversational and inquisitive. I so enjoy knowing this kid and think this is a perfect two-year set for one sweet girl. I'm excited to share this blog.