Introducing Bennett {Raleigh Newborn Photographer}

My longed for nephew Bennett Michael arrived a few weeks ago, and I am thankful that I was able to go to Raleigh and capture a handful of newborn images. They'll be in Dallas later this week, so these photos are just the start of the collection of photographs that will tell the story of this sweet little man. His big brother and sister think he's something amazing, and Bennett thinks he'd like to get a bit more sleep, I think... He's a treasure of a baby, wanting snuggles and love, and he's most content in his mama's arms. Thankfully, he's happy to be passed around a bit too. I'm amazed at the grace my sister shows as a mama, and I'm so excited for she and Brian. They have an adventure ahead of them with these three amazings they've been entrusted with. Bennett is already adored by all his aunties and uncles, and we are so blessed to have this wee man to call ours.