State Fair, Take Three

The color and energy in these photographs perfectly match the way this family shines. And shine they do. It's not just that they're beautiful, though they are. It's not just that they have great style, though they do (side note: mom Somer made the kids' t-shirts... love that). It's that they show up fully alive. They show up wearing their love for each other. They show up with a willingness to be themselves in front of my camera. That creates a warmth in the way we connect that photographs well regardless of backdrop, activity and interaction. Everything I love about my work shows up in these photos, and I'm already excited for next year. It's such an honor to witness this family in all their amazingness. This is the finale of my State Fair of Texas mini-sessions and third blogs in two days. I'm trying to share some of the incredible sessions I've had the privilege of photographing this fall. More to come next week!