Love Looks Like Goodness

This collection of photographs reminds me that love looks like the goodness of interaction: laughter and joking, encouraging words and embracing arms. When I meet a family, I try to see what is beautiful about their dynamic. Elementary aged boys aren't always the most enthusiastic photo session participants, but Harrison came with stories to tell about Harry Potter (he loves Ron Weasley) and mountain biking and adventurous eating. His parents came with easy conversation and friendly banter. White Rock Lake makes a great backdrop for a Dallas family photo session, and it was the perfect location to illustrate this beautiful family who showed up ready to be themselves in front of the camera. I a grateful I had the opportunity to work with them.


Georgia, the Sweetest Peach

She's the sweetest girl I know, and if that is sung in a high-pitched baby voice, then Georgia might give me a big belly laugh. And belly laughter is pure gold in baby currency. My second niece made my first brother a daddy, and I am thankful that I got to spend a few days in their neck of the woods just before they relocated closer to us. They're an Air Force family, and it's been amazing to watch Jaybo and Kendall figure out how to parent well amid a crazy schedule and a lot of change. They've definitely found their stride as parents. Seeing my brother as a dad equals seeing the best version of him to date; that's the lens that love allows. Kendall's incredible as a mom too. They adore their girl. Georgia smiles easily and is one of those babies who is happy enough to be held but just as content playing on her own on the floor. She sleeps well. She eats well. She plays well with others. She loves her mama and daddy. She brings so much wonder and joy to our family. I can't believe it's only been six months since we met this little peach. They've been a very sweet six months indeed. Just a few photos from our recent visit.


Mae's Baptism

This sweet baby girl is family by choice, and being a part of the community that celebrated her life and committed to see her grow spiritually meant getting to take some photographs of Mae's baptism. My sister and her boyfriend are her godparents, and we love and hope and anticipate seeing her become exactly who she was made to be. She is wanted and loved, and we believe God destined this tiny girl to be a world changer. Expanding her family to four was just the beginning of making the world a better place by being here. I truly believe that. So she has been baptized, and we prayed for her and laughed over stories and we toasted a baby girl and the way she brings beauty. It's the good stuff of life.


Joy is Waterproof

Kimberly and I went to high school together, and she reached out to me this year and asked if she could book a session when I was in Kentucky. We'd reconnected on social media after being out of touch since the late 90s. Typing that makes me feel old. Kentucky has great locations for outdoor sessions, so that's what we planned. As soon as it became clear that rain was going to be a theme of the day I learned something key about this family: they know how to make the best of a less-than-ideal situation. They'd come for family photos, and family photos they would get. They opted to choose joy and laughter to set the tone of the session, and we all had a blast, even the not-keen-on-photos 13-year-old. That choice worked in their favor; this is a fun, happy, beautiful collection of photographs. I'm excited to share the sneak peek.


First Puppy

It's been several years of doing photos with this family, so I loved getting to do some photographs with their first family pet. Dogs can be trickier than the most difficult of littles at times, but that was not the case here. It's a good thing too, because that left plenty of time for lovely family photos and some updated images of one little girl who is growing up way too fast.


Just Because

When I was a freshman in high school, I met Andrea when she came to the States as an exchange student. As happens often these days, we reconnected on Facebook last year. When she decided to come visit her host family she messaged me and asked if we could do a photo session. I love when women book a session just because. It is a brave and beautiful way to be seen. I love the way these photographs turned out and am excited to share them. I'm also glad that the session gave me an excuse to hang out with an old friend on a beautiful day.


Beach Bump on Cape Cod

This mama. Isn't she stunning? She glows. I'm honored to have done photos of her first baby, to have been present to photograph her second birth, and on our vacation I got to do a spontaneous beach bump session. I love these images. I love the overcast sky and the way it blends with the water. I love the anticipation of new life and the way it makes a mama glow. Erika is a photographer and friend, and that makes theses photos that much more special to me. The fall photography rush has started for me, and I almost forgot to blog these. That would have been a shame, because these are some of my favorite photographs ever. Seriously. I love them.


Cape Cod 2013

My sister Meghan dubbed our holiday Girls Vacapetion 2013. We spent eleven glorious days on Cape Cod, with variety of friends and relatives joining various parts of the trip. Our amazing aunt and uncle allowed us to use their home. We slept with the windows open, ate fresh seafood, lounged on the beach and laughed endlessly. I ran every day and finished six books. It was the most relaxing vacation I've ever been on. I am so grateful for each and every element of this trip, from the people to the places to the weather that was never hotter than 78 degrees. While I am working on some writing for a new blog that will better tell the story of this holiday, I wanted to share a few photographs here as well. Cape Cod has become something of a sacred space to me, and I hope you can see why here.



It's quiet around here. Saturday as the sun started to set, the temperature dropped a bit. I leashed my dog, Darby, and we took a walk with the camera in tow. Every now and again I photograph everyday pieces of life. I tend to look disdainfully towards Texas in the summer, but these photographs now serve as a reminder that beauty happens all around, all the time. Even in the midst of the heat.


The Future is Bright

Amanda graduates in a few short weeks, so we met up to do her senior photographs. This girl's future is bright. She's planning a medical career, hungry to learn and eager to grow. We talked easily during her session, and by the end were laughing a lot. She is sure to go far. I love the variety and fun in this set of photos. Amanda, I'm so excited for you! You are a beautiful, capable, smart young lady.


Seniors. Besties.

They've known each other since they were two, these beautiful girls. I've known them that long as well. They are world changers. Big dreamers. Talented. Lovely. Destined for greatness. Doing their senior photos meant looking into the eyes of these young women and seeing a hopeful future. They are full of life and light. I love these images. All seniors should book their sessions with their best friend. So fun.



A windy afternoon with five ladies who journey through life together. Their friendships are beautiful to witness, and I love that they booked a photo shoot to celebrate the gifts they've been given in each other.


Francie and Blythe

I feel so honored when my friends ask me to photograph their kids. I have been doing photos of this crew since Francie was born. She is talkative and opinionated and sweet. And Blythe is full of wide-eyed wonder at the whole world. I love how a morning at the park translates to a few moments captured permanently. Life is sweet, and so much goodness shines through.

Zeke and Zak: The Senior Session

My brothers, twins, are graduating. Rather than reminisce about the last 18 years, I thought I'd let their senior images tell the story of who they've become. They're smarties. Zeke wants to study viola, and Zak plans to study physics. In the meantime, they're getting ready to graduate. Their senior session cracked me up. I'll not soon forget it.

Real Life, Family Style

One of the things I love about clients who keep coming back is that we build some rapport with each other. These guys show up and let me do my thing and trust that the photos will show more than just what they look like. Every session reflects love and laughter, silliness and sweet. I love the ongoing story told through each session. It is real life, and it is beautiful.

Introducing Betsy Claire

My first niece, beloved from the start. I don't know what to say about these images except that I'm so thankful that I got to take these photographs. Betsy decided to come 4.5 weeks early, and though her mama and daddy felt a bit unprepared, they're doing an incredible job. Our whole family is utterly enchanted.

Introducing Ellie Cate!

Her mama and daddy and I got to know each other over the course of their engagement and wedding, so I was thrilled to meet little Miss Ellie at six-days-old. She captivated me with her laid back demeanor, just taking everything in. I love watching a couple expand into a family, and it was a joy to be a part of celebrating this tiny girl. And I'll get to see her in a couple of months at her fabulous auntie's wedding. Can't wait.