Pacific Northwest: Goodness

Few places feed my soul the way the Pacific Northwest does. Most of the past ten years or so have included a trip to Seattle and Bellingham or Vancouver and Whistler. I had a combined work/vacation/running trip that spanned more than a week in June. (Translated: enough time to really catch my often over-committed breath). I try to leave my camera home for the better part of most days when I'm not working. As much as I love to be behind the camera, I am learning to be intentional about being fully present. I want to be an active participant in life. I think in the long run this yields better photographs when I pull out my camera, but it certainly helps me stay engaged with the people and places I love on a different level. That said, the photographs I do take in the places that are sacred to me become relics that help me retrace the stories and steps that inform who I am, as a photographer but more importantly as a human. I love the natural beauty of Washington, the exuberance on the faces of my best friend's children as they explore the seaside, the way the Emerald City is easily and best (? many hills!) discovered by foot and that I got to share pieces of this trip with my fella. I love little kid adventures and backyard beauty. I love the food. I love the wonder.

I have a good bit of work to catch up on and blog, and I'm excited to share all of that. Last night, though, I paused and went through some photographs to help me remember. These photographs remind me, in individual frames and as a whole, that I have much to be thankful for. Such goodness to behold.