Three's Company

When we scheduled this session, the hope was to get some photographs of these guys at home, doing their thing. That's just what we captured, and it's so fun to look at these photos and see three little ones being themselves. With two-year-old triplets, the only thing I was sure of going into the session was that I'd spend the entire session on the move. These three? Their little voices and interactions are really sweet, and as long as we kept signing and dancing and peek-a-booing, everyone had fun. As it turns out, even family dog Rookie willingly participated. While it was fun to be able to see the session go as planned, what I love about these images is the genuine smiles and laughs and love that shows up in the babies piled on the bed and with favorite books being read. By the time I left, three little pairs of arms volunteered hugs, and sweet little Liam gave me a kiss. Already looking forward to next time!