I started doing Scarlett's photos when she turned one, and her aunt booked a session for her girls a year or so after that. We've done photos of the girls together occasionally through the years. That said, I loved the idea of doing both families in one session when it was mentioned in an email. The girls are great ages to photograph, and they get along so beautifully. Scarlett wanted to photo bomb any photographs that weren't hers, and that is so typical for a five-year-old girl. The twins are one part poised and another part silly. I love that both dads were skipping at one point and that both moms were really intent on getting sweet photographs with their girls. Isn't this a beautiful crew? It was so fun to capture these photographs, just a Sunday afternoon on a walk in the neighborhood with a few stops for photos along the way. I hear both families chased the session with pizza. Gotta love that. I should have invited myself to dinner.