Brothers and Bluebonnets

Just before bluebonnet season ended, I met up with these littles for a session planned at the last minute before the flowers disappeared. I'm so glad we scheduled on the quick, because I love the ages and stages of these beautiful boys. I've been photographing this crew since Nick (3) was a newborn, and getting to watch him grow into a doting big brother to Evan (1) has been so rewarding. The contagious smiles and endless energy of these two guarantees their parents are on their toes pretty much always. I see these guys a couple of times a year, and I'm amazed at how fast the boys are growing. Seeing their little lives documented as they grow makes me hope they look back and remember that they were buddies from the start. I hope it makes them remember their mom and dad's patience and calm even as they chased after one boundary testing big brother while his little brother watched, learning. He just kept running away, and they kept chasing him down and bringing him back. I hope they know their parents seemed to have in mind that this is what little ones do, how they explore... I hope they can see how loved they were from the get go.