All Boy Boys!

Prior to our session, Francie posted on her Facebook page that on a recent morning they found their boys, 5 and 7, perched on the front porch of the house for sale across the street from their house, bags packed and ready to move in. Their concern was not that they hadn't told their parents where they were going. Rather, they were concerned they didn't have any dollars in their wallet with which to buy the house. Independent much? I knew then that I'd like little adventurers who want to go, go, go. And go, go, go they did. We explored the park in fast motion, with photo bombs any time I tried to get a photograph of either boy solo. And they laughed and wrestled, hugged and threw *friendly* punches and reminded me of what it was like to grow up in a house with all boy boys. I think we captured just what family looks like for a family with boys, 5 and 7. And it looks like the loud kind of love that makes me smile.