Flashback to a Fall Friday

This blog has seen a bit of an, er, hiatus, which means I have a backlog of sessions to share. I felt overwhelmed at picking one, so I started with a Dallas session at Fair Park last fall with one of my best friends (and fellow photographer). I met Christina when the triplets were tiny, and I’ve been taking their photos for the kids’ whole lives. I think the Childress family lives in that compelling space of genuine interest in making the world a better place. They cultivate beauty and creativity, invest in their community and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Each kiddo is known and loved as an individual, and each personality adds a bit of wonder and a spark of joy to their mix.

We started the session during the golden hour didn’t end until after sun set, and I hope these images give you a sense of the goodness that is uniquely theirs. That’s the magic I’m looking for when I take family photos.