Three Before Four

Lindsey coaches running and has a podcast and is expecting her fourth son any day. She happens to be my running coach, and I once got to be a guest on said podcast. I also got to connect with her family when I was in Indianapolis in May. We met for family photos on the Monan Trail, where she and her husband run, often with their boys in jogging strollers.

Seeing a family interact in a place that is meaningful to them produces photos that illustrate their collective identity. The boys were so at ease on the trail, full of personality. If something stands out to me about Lindsey and Glenn, it's how much they seem to enjoy their boys. They are patient, encouraging, enthusiastic and easy going. This is not a family who takes themselves too seriously; they are quick to laugh. Hugs and high fives go a long way. I cannot wait to see how a fourth little man adds to the mix. In the meantime, this session makes me smile.