Yay, Runner!

I met Donna at a party a few years back, before Nadine was born, and both being runners, conversation gravitated in that direction. When Nadine was born, I started photographing their family. We talked running every time I did photos, and at Nadine's first birthday session, we decided to go for a run together. Little did I know that decision would lead to a friendship that challenged me to improve as a runner, helped me complete my first marathon and familiarized me with the neighborhood I now call home. I am so grateful that Donna and her family have become such a big part of my life in Dallas. These photos had been in my head for months, but the busyness of fall holiday portraits pushed them back to this month. We scheduled them for a Thursday afternoon and hoped for the best weather-wise. I was really wanting the silhouettes, but I love that we had enough light to capture Donna and Nadine doing their thing. Occasionally Nadine accompanies us on easy running days, and she chirps, "yay, runner!" encouragements from her stroller throughout the run. I look at these photos and hear her words, and I'm so glad we were able to create these photographs before Nadine outgrows that toddler voice and chicken-arms run. Because I know these two, I think I can safely say these photos are so them. Now I kinda wish we could do another set with Nadine's daddy in the mix, but we'll have to save those photos for another day. For now, here are some favorites, shot on the levee in our neighborhood.

And if you're trying to decide how to do a photo session that is really reflective of who you are as a family, choosing a thing that you do together on any given weekend day is a great place to start. It doesn't have to be formal and posed. Sessions like this capture the essence of being together in a compelling way. Figuring out what that looks like for your crew leads to photographs that reflect not only how you look but a glimpse into your identity as well. I love that.