"See You Next Soon..."

Alex shouted, "see you next soon," when I left their house last night; I had to drop by. It had been a few days since their session, and I guess he wanted to be sure there'd be a next time, and soon. Over time a tremendous thing happens in client relationships; babies I photographed brand new become into precocious little boys. As I watch those little boys grow up through my lens, it just so happens that they start to remember me. They start to tell me their stories and ask about my day. As much as I want to draw them out and make them laugh, they seem intent on getting me to laugh as well. They may not be the easiest ages for a low-key photo session, but they are delightful ages nonetheless. Alex and Sam are 2 and 4, and I've known them their whole lives. That I have been their photographer the whole time makes every session that much more meaningful to me. Their mom has become a friend.

I really love the feel of these photos- that the boys' eyes have light and laughter in them, that Leigh Ann looks happy and warm, that affection is woven throughout. These photos illustrate who they are at their core, and it's beautiful to see. Love photographs well.