Macy's Senior Portraits

I've known Macy since she was a baby, so that added significance to getting to do her senior portraits. We opted for a Cowtown session, and Sundance Square feels downright European these days. If there's something I'd say of Macy it's that she's retained a childlike awe and wonder at the world while becoming a confident young woman. That is a stunning combination. She has big dreams and bold confidence. She is ready to launch, and her parents are the kind of people who have done the hard work of learning how to let go so that they can see their children thrive. I see in Macy a woman of faith and character, of courage and humility. I know those traits will serve her well as she steps out into the world. She knows she is a child of God; she knows she is loved. It makes me so happy to know that Macy is already on the grand adventure of discovering how her identity fits in to making the world a better place. I hope these photographs communicate some of the light and life Macy brings when she walks into a room. It's compelling and beautiful to see.