Repeats: Favorites, Annually and Always

If the great joy of family photos is witnessing what love looks like in any given season of life, then seeing that a year later only grows the goodness. Like etchings on the wall to mark that a little one has grown an inch or three, a year's passing seems to extend the beauty and the fullness of who a family is. This was my second time to photograph Teddy and his family. Last year's session took place at the nature center, so this year's session we headed downtown for a more urban feel. Teddy talks a lot now, and he's emerged from toddler shyness to preschool confidence. He makes his parents laugh, keeping them on their toes with lots of running and jumping. When I asked him if he saw a dinosaur in my lens, his three-year-old wit came quick. "No," he said, "I see Spiderman."

Spiderman it is, little guy. I'm grateful that my job has allowed me to cross paths with this family, and I look forward to continuing to document the ways they grow and change through the years. I'd love to do the same for you and your family too, and I'm now booking into October and November. Shoot me a message for session and scheduling details, and we can get the ball rolling.