Wherein the Shy Boy Came Alive

It's been almost five years of photographing this beautiful family. This session was fun and busy and chaotic, as is typically the case with three little ones. I have lots of similar memories from previous sessions. What will stand out about this session, though, is that it's the session where shy J.T., age 3, came out of his shell a bit and gave me real smiles and smirks. His zany older brother is always ready for photographs, and his younger sister really wasn't too sure about me this go 'round. But J.T.? He came alive. I also love how everyone looks like they go together the way a family does when they keep choosing each other. Love always wins. It's not always easy to show up at a photo shoot with three little ones ready to go, but somehow these guys have managed to do just that for their baby who became a toddler and then a kindergartener and the little brother and sister that followed. They've invested in capturing fleeting moments, and their children will benefit from a visual inheritance of who they are becoming through the years. I believe it's worth it. They'll be able to see what love looks like now, then.