The Day Before Turning Three

The day before little Hailey turned three, her mama and I did a mini-workshop in their home, and we followed that time with a photo session. We updated family photos while doing Hailey's three-year photos. Three is a great age, and baby James, age five months, is also in quite an adorable stage. I loved the backyard light and the easy interactions. Hailey was hesitant to put her mermaids away (what wee girl isn't?), so we started the session with figurines in hand but transitioned to them "helping" me take photographs. That led to giggles from Hailey and grins from James. Taking a family's photos allows me a glimpse into who they are, and the glimpse I caught on that Monday night was of a family that is really good at being family. Mom and Dad naturally passed the kids back and forth, wiping noses and tickling tummies. Hailey showed off her baby brother with pride. James cooed and drooled and demonstrated his rolling over skills. It was a delightful evening, and the captures illustrate love and connection. They make me smile.