The Continuing Adventures of Lucy and Sam

This post isn't limited to a photo session, though the second half includes photographs from my dear friends' family session. Rather, these images were composed over a visit that spanned several days when I was in Massachusetts last month. Nannying for Sam and Lucy when they were tiny babies facilitated my growth as a photographer by providing constant subjects as well as supplemental income while I finished school, started a business and developed a new-found passion. The natural progression of life has led to a beautiful friendship with their whole family, and when I travel to the East Coast, I am welcomed into their home. These guys have been my friends on good and bad days, and I love the way they love each other. Getting to be a part of their lives is getting to be a part of something special: a family who thrives because they keep choosing each other. The kids wear the confidence of well-loved children, and the whole crew seems intent on mastering the art of being on each others' team. These photographs have so much joy, especially in Miss Lucy's toothless grin and Sam's non-stop motion. Every year I say the newest photos are my favorite collection, and I think that's maybe because the good keeps getting better. I'm so grateful I get to witness just how beautiful that looks.