The Annual Uncle Erin Session

When I first did photos for my original Kentucky clients, then-two-year-old Leslie called me Uncle Erin. She already had an Aunt Erin, her dad's sister, and I was a family friend who came with my-sister-who-is-her-mom's-best-friend-and-therefore-aunt. Calling me uncle just made good toddler sense. The name and the family photos stuck. This is a family I've known and become close to through good times and bad. I've seen their big love, heard their kind words, witnessed so many moments of hugs and kisses and dance parties and late night movies... They know what it means to be family. I am honored to get to document a few memories each year to time capsule the moments of a given day. I love the feel of these photos, but more than that, I love my dear friends. The girls cheer-led me from the sidelines of the marathon I ran in May. We FaceTime occasionally, and Kara and I have processed the stuff of life on many a long phone conversation. I love to eat at their table and to sleep in their guest room. I hope these photographs give you a sneak peek of the beauty and wonder of the love that is uniquely theirs.