Reconnecting is Rich

This was another rainy-day-Kentucky-reuion-with-a-high-school-friend session. Bridget was one of the first friends I made when my family moved to Kentucky midway through my high school career. We took a lot of classes together, car-pooled (in her miles-long Cadillac), giggled about crushes and graduated. We started college at the same university, but I transferred to Texas. We lost touch. We reconnected on Facebook, and she booked me to photograph her littles last month. I loved getting to meet them. Avery sized me up the entire session; she's precocious and smart and sweet. Grant is a chatterbox and busy, and I loved hearing his big thoughts and dreams. Our time passed quickly, and I love the Kentucky-ness of the old barn and the horses. Really, though, I love that my work opened a door for me to have a good visit with an old friend and her family. It had been 14 years. We surely won't wait that long to get together, whether for more photos or for lunch (which followed our session, of course). The time was too rich.