One Sunday Morning

When I do a session, I get to catch a glimpse into the life of a family, loving each other. I'm not a parent, but I know that the desire to get great photographs of the children, of the family-year in and year out- is a very real one. And I believe it matters: that capturing who a family is, now, preserves something. When I shoot, I hope to capture a bit of real life. Real life translates well to a photo session. Real life is a busy two-year-old running, running, running. It's a daddy carrying his middle son on his shoulders for a walk, because that's what they do on Sunday mornings. Real life is a little girl exploring the woods. It's a mom calling to schedule a photo session just a couple of weeks out during the busy season because her original photographer fell through. That's how I came to connect with this family, and I am so thankful that I did. I really love these photographs, love the life reflected and preserved.