Mostly Mondays

"I'm getting kinda rich on the side of any soul alive," New Morning, Alpha Rev The ebb and flow of my photography business means the slow season leaves me with extra time and sometimes the need to pick up a side job. The side job of choice for me is almost always to find a part-time nanny gig, and I had the privilege of supernanny-ing for Will and Shep most Mondays from March until the beginning of October. These two busy boys captured my heart, and I occasionally managed (when we weren't running or swinging or chasing ducks or eating or napping) to snag a few photographs. To say I love these little guys is an understatement. I'm always amazed by how much room a little person can take up in my heart.

Will is brave and fast and full of mischief. And he loves his baby brother, asking for kisses all day long and always wanting to be the first to greet him when he wakes up from a nap.

Shep is happy and eager and can't wait to see the world. He'd take a nap in the stroller over the crib most days. He matches his big brother's affection with smiles and laughs and tolerates the occasional two-year-old misinterpretation of gentleness, often crawling to join his brother in the time out corner, because they go together.

I hope I get to stay in touch with these two and their parents, because, well, they're little rockstars, fully alive and making the world a better place. A few photos from our mostly Mondays.