Luigi and Lucia

Though holiday portraits were the reason for this photo session, the takeaway, for me, was getting to see how Luigi has come into his own as a big brother. He is a busy guy, but in between the previous session and this one it's as if he found his stride with Lucia. That's not to say he wasn't good with her at their first set of photos together; it's just that he was more comfortable and confident this time around. And he had a lot of laughs and sillies to share. Miss Lucia's wide eyes captivated me, and she was at the stage of taking it all in, ever-watching. I felt like I could see her little brain working. She is such a lovely little lady, and it was so fun to see her alongside of Luigi. She's an observer for now but soon enough she'll be chasing after him. They are a sweet pair. I can't wait to see who they continue to become. Their parents have their arms and hearts full.