Hugs and High Fives

Planning for this session looked like an email that said something along the lines of "Eli and Em insisted on choosing their own clothes for the shoot. And they are excited." That made me excited. I've been photographing this family for 6 (!!!) years. When we started Em wasn't walking, and her shy two-year-old brother barely looked me in the eye. The kids know me now, and we have had such through the years. This session is no exception. The magic of the Japanese Gardens certainly contributed to the feel of this shoot, but it's a family being who they are that really shines. The lush, endless paths for exploration put everyone in adventure mode, so we let the littles take charge and followed them around. I love Eli's quiet, calculated approach to life and Emerson's eager, just-go-for-it yang to his yin. Elementary school looks good on them. As for their parents, what can I say? I love clients whose love is complimented by their "like" years into a marriage. Sessions like this make me thankful for my life, for this job and for the way it lets me see the best in people. I love that going to work this day started with hugs and ended with high-fives. Cannot wait til next year!